Busperv Syndrome

Posted: October 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

Buspervs frequent in.. well, buses.
Characteristic behaviour includes strong bodily gravitation towards female species within immediate vicinity.
Symptoms of busperv-affliction include cringing at leery smile on buspervface and sudden urge to commit violent act on it using sharp object.

Interaction with busperv species may lead to some or all of the below:
1. Death by revulsion.
2. ..

yeah that’s pretty much it.

Precautions that may be taken against busperv to prevent catching busperv-related diseased and general potential eeya-ness are as follows.

1. Elbow it in the hip during its gravitational journey in your direction.
2. Knee it.
3. Place roll of paper/giant ruler/heavy bag/random object between busperv and you.
4. If environmental conditions are such that objects and limbs are immobile (i.e. Papareboy’s mum gets into the bus and everyone is consequently pushed against each other in an ugly sardine frenzy) then ask very loudly if buspervs think siddhalepe will help lessen your acute case of leprosy.

This has been a public service announcement, till we find out if pepper spray has even been introduced to the Sri Lankan people yet.


  1. Chavie says:

    hahaha I love the pic!!! ;)seriously, buspervs need to get frikken badly beaten up! :/

  2. Dili | දිලින says:

    Saw pepper spray @ ODEL for around 2K a can if I remember right

  3. Angel says:

    2K for a can of pepper spray? :S A safety pin would be cheaper… and less obvious…

  4. Jack Point says:

    Trust Angel to come up with a down to earth solution.I know big girl, she's about 5'10 or 5'11 who tells them off and if it does'nt stop follows it with a thundering slap. It works, apparently.

  5. The Puppeteer says:

    You've had your first bus perve run in, I presume?Well, if you're going to be travelling by bus more frequently it might not be a bad idea to invest in that can of pepper spray Dili spotted at Odel…@ Angel- =S A pin???

  6. Girigoris the One says:

    Something about this post smells fishy (n its not dried cum) :PJust from the tone which is somehow unconvincing, I doubt anyone has made a move on u in a bus! I bet u put this up to 'fit in' with the hottish girls who get it on in buses and elsewhere! Ur just jealous- But its ok.. One day hopefully u will find a right person

  7. Makuluwo says:

    @Chavie- Haha thanks. And srsly, they need to diiiee. @Dili- DUDE. Awesome. @Angel- LOL true. Ingenious idea now that I think about it.. o_O @Jack- Yeah I'm too NOT-5'11 to try a stunt like that. Time to learn taekwondo methinks. @The Puppeteer- I've managed to keep them off using mentioned methods so far! But yes. Pepperspray sounds nice. @Grigoris- Uh LOL wtf? That time of the month again, Grig ol chap?FYI buspervs pretty much try shizz on anything that moves, really.

  8. Gadgetgirl says:

    A pen knife handy is best.

  9. Makuluwo says:

    @GG- True. Pen knives could induce 'heehee that tickles' though. @greene- Whaaaat? 😛

  10. greene says:

    well, where do i start

  11. David Blacker says:

    I think that pepper spray is only good for about two squirts. A cheaper alternative to pepper spray is a can of Salon Pas or Vintogeno in spray form. A burst of that in the eyes will sort anyone out — plus you can avoid legal issues by pretending you were actually trying to spray it on your stiff neck 🙂

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