Drama Is Comically Stupid

Posted: January 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Don’t you think?

Not the tights and lights variety, but the horrific bitching and snitching one.
Here I was, under the foolish impression believed by many, that nasty melodramatics were only produced by the females.
But oh god, have things changed.
Guys have joined in on the theatrics too. Really.

Drama is the new In Thang it seems. Either that or it is just stalking me like a freaking Jarabaras lately. Me, with zero tolerance for dramatics.
Murphy’s Law I tell ya. Damn that bastard Murphy.

In the blue corner! Weighing a mere 90 pounds, is the lightweight champion in the arena of drama, Girl! Most famous for her 1945 fierce right hook delivery aka simultaneous swapping of stories about other people and other people’s boyfriend and sister to more other people.

In the red corner! At 160 pounds! Boy pumps his red gloves in the air, reminiscent of his amazing nimbleness and tenacity aka ability to create insane issues out of thin air whilst going berserk!

Both masters of drama head to h- wait what, apparently there’s another player in the ring, in the third corner! She’s- what?
Girl’s best friend! Lunging towards Girl, she lands a heavy left hook involving a nasty rumour about Girl and STDs, ouch! What a-

Oh but there’s more! An older player in the fourth corner of the ring, tugging at Boy’s ears, ah a classic move indeed! Why can’t you be more like your brother, she says, jabbing the air in front of his face with angry parental guilt punches! Wooaahh-

Look at this, folks! Look at this! More players seem to be crawling through the lines into the ring! There’s Girl’s boyfriend landing a heavy punch of revenge into the stomach of Boy, as Boy’s bestman lands a tremendous bodyslam – WHAM! – a resounding thud of spite into the back of Boy’s brother! The same one in fact who happens to be getting the old hair-pull technique from old-school fighter, Girl’s sister! A random small guy gives apt vengeance to Girl for a previous ruthless insult whammy with a kick in the shin, rendering Girl distracted from her attempt at bitchslapping someone in green shorts! Green Shorts bursts out in hysterical tears and falls to her knees ranting about calories and death!

Aahh what drama, folks! Nothing like it!

A bunch of people ripping into other people over things like stories-heard and careless words- how much better can reality TV get right?!
What? This isn’t reality TV? It’s just.. people acting boorish because it’s the only way they see fit to express their stunted personalities? Goddammit.

  1. Chavie says:

    HAHAHAHA! xD good one!"Most famous for her 1945 fierce right hook delivery aka simultaneous swapping of stories about other people and other people's boyfriend and sister to more other people." 😀

  2. Jack Point says:

    I think you need to find a different circle to move in.

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