Juju want a home.

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

hi I am Juju. teh lonely puppy.
yes ok I am not exactly lonely but that is besides the point. me and my siblingz and my mother woz living happily on the roadside near orsumlady’s college (I talk about orsumlady later).
but then yesterday kakkiman in stupid jeep killed my brudda. I and my mother and my siblingz and orsumlady and orsumlady’s friends saw the whole thing. :C
Juju sad.

Juju don’t want to die. Juju too pretty and fuzzy to die. see how Juju speak in third person, it make Juju sound slightly creepy becoz Tarzan talk in third person too, but Juju’s face is too cute to be creepy so it sound cute rly.
besides Juju’s obvius charm and erratic grammr problemz, Juju is also very cuddleh and loving like a fun monkey. Juju is only a few months old and have not yet seen monkey but orsumlady, whose blog I am using for this message to hoomans, says they are cool. she also say somethin random bout himal’s mother being fat but Juju not understand.

anyway. pls give a home to Juju, that is me, the puppy staring with silly face at you in above area on the left. or any of my other siblingz or my mother. we might not be colombo 7 dogs, all posh and barkey and stuff, but we are totally huggable and disease free. this is coz orsumlady will take care of vet or vaccinashun stuffs when you adopt us.

I would like to live with orsumlady coz she so orsum but she is putting cat in her home. Juju hate cat. I eat cat for breakfast. ok I eat sausage bunnis and occashunaly the mushy biskit or two for breakfast but you get whattimean.

Juju is happy for nao. but Juju don’t want me or mummy or siblingz to be ended under jeep wheel. it will suck. so pls consider thx.


  1. Chavie says:

    awww, so sweet! :') You're a big cheeseball when it comes to furries (animal not human), aren't you Maks? ;)Kakkiman should DIE! :/

  2. Sabby says:

    Awww Juju darling, I hate to break this to you but monkey's are neither fun nor cuddleh! :PVery cute. I wish I could adopt but I don't wanna give them a temporary home. Will put the word out though 🙂

  3. dramaqueen says:

    Send this out on mail. I'll look around too. A friend recently observed that the reason why I keep coming across homeless pups and kittens is because God knows that I will try to save them. I think they call it a 'calling'.I think I might not be alone…:)

  4. Dee says:

    aio 😦 even i've got puppies on our road 😦

  5. Serendib_Isle says:

    I would, if I could. But, I’m a travellin man, and I miss my dogs. ;(Oh BTW, I was thinking of Sausage Bunnies, and then a nano-second later realised you were talking of buns, not bunnies. LOL.

  6. Foxhound says:

    Wish I could… but I can't. Juju looks very cute and cuddleh!You sure got a big heart orsumlady!

  7. Gadgetgirl says:

    sigh. if only……i could.

  8. Makuluwo says:

    @Chavie- Yeah dude I'm a total sucker for the wittle furballs. I KEELL KAKKIMAN. :C
    @Sabby- stfu maynn, monkeys are THE FUNK. I’d ttly adopt a monkey if my parents weren’t such butts about eet.
    @dramaqueen- Nice to know there’s other people worried about them too! These guys have almost certainly found a new home this weekend, yay. 🙂
    @Dee- Do somethinnn. Send me pics, I’ll get someone to take em in.
    @Serendib- Tubelight. 😛 Juju eats sausage bunnies too though.
    @Foxhound- Haha don’t tell anyone about the big heart thing else I’d have to kill you! 😀
    @GG- kk you can help me find and keell kakkiman instead. WOOT.

  9. blackexists says:


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