Spa treatment awkwardness, here I come!

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

So as per perks of the job at la magazine, yours truly has been asked to undergo ‘spa treatment’ (my first) at an up and coming spa thingamajig in order to write a genuine piece about eet.

My first reaction was, LOL.

I’m not sure why. It might be partly because I’m one of those types who point and snigger uncontrollably at the lady spending Rs. 1,***** and 5 hours to get her eyelids the same shades of purple as her lips and shoes, aka self indulgence.

Or maybe it’s the hilariously awkward idea of females in towels getting back rubs from total strangers. Ok halt the oncoming gross lesbian jokes.

Or maybe its just


Either way, it’s supposed to be an experience of pampering and ‘physical and spiritual upliftment’, according to the spa. I swear, it’s going to be so hard to keep a straight face when they start rubbing mud on my face before placing slices of cucumber on my eyes.

It will be a great feat to resist the urge to say ‘I used to fool around with mud and vegetables on my face when I was 6; little did my furious and hysterical mother know it was but for my physical and spiritual upliftment’ with a sage nod.

Any of you guys been to a spa? Just let me know if there’s anything I should look out for, such as vegetables strictly meant for face usage. Once when I was in one of their lobbies, a Thai spa lady offered me some cucumber in a plate of tasty looking cream. Of course I thought it was food, how was I supposed to know they offer cucumber slices for your eyes in the lobby of a spa?!

Ah the facepalms I recieved. Fond memories.

I’m just hoping the forces of the pampering will overcome the forces of the awkwardness, resulting in spa-ey awesomeness.

Like the new header btw? I changed the layout a tiny bit since a lot of your suggestions, thanks.

  1. Sabby says:

    Oooooh lucky!
    As long as its not a chocolate-pack-treatment, I think you are gonna have phun! 😀

  2. Chavie says:

    The header I liiike! 😀

    lol @ the cucumber lobby scene! *facepalm* 😀

  3. Ahamed Nizar says:

    Spa’s are catching up nowadays. It’s cause people have money and are vain enough to go for these things.


  4. hahaa…the cucumber slices…LOL!

  5. Angel says:

    Ooh… make sure you give us a slice by slice account of what happened… Wish someone would pay for my physical and spiritual uplifment at swanky spa too…

  6. Panic Bells says:

    You will come out all shiny and smell like cucumber 😀

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