Sri Lanka, the land of the friendly.

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Walking down Galle Road with friends, I said, hey man let’s randomly wave at random vehicles and say byeee.

And the friends said, uh no.

So there I was waving at people driving by in their pajeros and what not, none of whom waved back. How rude. They all had reactions on their faces that was kind of like confusion and disgust made a baby who was mildly amused. Fucking weird, I know.

Now the tourist brochures and advertisements and all are always saying, Sri Lanka is ttly friendly, come here and we will be so friendly that you will go home and make more brochures and advertisements about our friendliness.

But people in Colombo don’t smile, man. Ok fine, randomly waving at them with a wide smile maybe a tad overkill and freakish even. But even mum, who is this rolly polly cute middle aged woman (I’m trying to say she’s friendly looking if you haven’t caught on, which you probably haven’t), says when she just smiles at a fellow rolly polly middle aged woman in the supermarket, they’re like,

The unibrow is just for the dramatic effect, but you get what I’m sayin.

And people stare. I don’t mean they look, they my-eyes-are-fixed-on-your-face-FOREVAR stare. I’m talking about people in the buses, with their heads looking out the window onto the streets? Ok I get that you’re bored, and there’s nothing much to do on the bus in the window seat except look at people on the road and maybe at the excitingly random stuff on the back of tuk-tuks (has anyone else noticed Bob Cat and Bob Marley tattoos on tuk-tuks are totally the in-thing these days?) But must thou look so intently and with such dedication?

I really did consider what’s going on in your head right now, snarky reader, that I must have been doing something weird and hilarious to call on the staring. Maybe. BUT, loadsa normal people I talked to for this survey have attested to have receieved similar rude staring! So HA!

The petrol station fellows smile, the kids smile, the pervs smile, but not like, the average general masses of working adults. Maybe it’s because it’s the middle of the day and everyone’s working and all FML-ey and what-are-you-smiling-at-is-it-because-I-look-like-shit-because-I’ve-been-working-since-9am-you-MOFO. Yeah.

But still. Everytime I just smile and they don’t smile back, I have to turn my smile into this weird gesture while looking at a tree nearby or something to save face. So it looks like I’m making faces at vegetation now. So you can see how this is cramping my style, surely?  

  1. Tourism brochures say that cos if some foreign dude did it our retards will be jumping out of their seats to do it. But you’re right the average middle class fella is too stuck up for his/her own good.


  2. afoxhound says:

    Erm people in Sri Lanka are notorious for just staring blindly at people to the point of rudeness.

    When foreigners walk by its like “I must crane my neck forward and STARE! After all they can’t seem me doing that cos I is Invisible!”

  3. Sabby says:

    I would understand the unibrow when you go ‘bakakaka’ at them but just waving and smiling??
    Snooty cows! -__-

  4. Dante says:

    Ahahaha loving it. Your mum is rolly polly… in bed 😉

  5. Chavie says:

    people stare at you? 😐

  6. Seesaw says:

    This is just too funny, esp the last para. I tried the whole smiling at strangers thing once, but everyone looked just too surprised and suspicious, so I gave up 😛

  7. Sach says:

    I think you species are to take a lot of blame for this not-smiling-back-at-chicks you know. If by chance us men just smiled at some random chick they would prolly make a snarly face and walk away. So finally we decided not to smile at you ladies at all.

  8. black says:

    apooo soo true – lankans are only overly hospiable to white skin. quite snooty to their own kind. :S fuckwits. 😛

  9. N says:

    Erm…Sri Lankan’s don’t smile? Maybe you live in a different country. Compared to Europe and the US, Sri Lankans are much more smiley. Leaving aside the special treatment given to tourists, when I go around the country and talk to random people I find them very cheery. Maybe actually try interacting wtih them rather than acting weird and expecting people to smile back.

    • makuluwo says:

      Sri lankans are friendly as hell, smartypants, just that the simple smile on a midday weekday isn’t common.

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