Love is in the air, nananana.

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Not really though. People around me claim to be falling out of love left and right, man. Such a lame condundrum because it’s like listening to a broken record. Of a Toni Braxton album. 

He’s not the man I met anymore! I thought it’d last forevaaar but look what happened! Life isn’t fair! She said she’d never leave meee! 

Okay okaaay, aapoh. Cuz it felt awesome at the start it sucks that it’s not anymore. Fine so. 

Being in their general vicinity these woebegone beings went and made the bad choice of asking me for my two pence on the matter. I’ve never been in love, though maybe dipped my toes in the stuff a coupla times. So not the pro on experience, but being a qualified pandithaya, I’d say, maybe this thing isn’t even meant to be forevaaar. Maybe that’s the whole problem with how we handle it. We go in thinking, wow what a sugar rush, I’m so high that I’m going to slip into the naive complacent idea that the high will last for eternity.

But then it doesn’t always, maybe sometimes it does. So perhaps the trick is to drop all expectations when you get into a lovey dovey thing with someone. Don’t expect them to stick around forever, don’t expect it to be even better in ten years, don’t expect a wedding ring, don’t expect flowers on valentines and your ideal gift on your birthday, just stop. And enjoy the awesomeness of just going to the mall with the foo’ that afternoon or to the movie later that week.

Is it safe to say that women tend to think about the future and inevitably have expectations in relationships way more than men do? I don’t know, I’m judging from the number of love-struck people who’ve come to talk to me about the matter, please don’t hit me, ladyfolk. Maybe if you don’t think of where you’re going all the time and all the what-ifs that might never even happen, the where-you-are-right-now might last a little longer and will seem more enjoyable. It’s like trying not to be that annoying person at the movie theatre who keeps trying to guess the ending of the movie.

What if it has a bad ending so? Shrug it off, it’s just a matter of time till the next fun movie comes along.               

I usually don’t have much of a stomach for the mushy songs. But I’ll make an exception for Ingrid Michaelson.  : )   

  1. sabbyaz says:

    Lovely song 🙂

    And not thinking about where it’s going or what it is now is much easier said than done. Not thinking about it only happens in the beginning…with time, it’s eventual.

    It’s a woman thing 😛

  2. I’ve got a few male friends who read too much into things and over analyse… So it’s not just a female thing. Though, I suppose more women do that than men.

  3. Chavie says:

    I love the way you’ve put it, but be warned, it may not last forever! 😛 😉 lol

    cute song! 😀

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