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..r mother. Misleading titles FTW.
It’s 9AM and it’s technically a holiday for me but I am ridiculously awake and idle at this absurd hour. So luckily, Dili tagged me with this celebrity crush thang going around these days.
I had to think for so long to think of celebrities I have crushes on, long gone are the adolescent obsessions over Antonio Banderas of Zorro fame and Dean Cain of Superman.

Before I go any further, I implore you to look at the post before this one! It’s much more important. Chances are you haven’t seen it since this was posted so soon after the last.

So anyway, I finally conjured up a list. I’m going to define crush as someone you think is very attractive and not necessarily someone whose pants you want to get in, since there’s a coupla divine females on my list too.

Johnny Depp

Mad. Intelligent. Talented. Shy and mysterious off set. Usually you can see some fraction of the actor’s personality cracking through the role he’s playing, but Johnny boy seems eerily and completely into the character he plays every time (ref Sweeney Todd). “I’m shy, paranoid, whatever word you want to use. I hate fame. I’ve done everything I can to avoid it.” Very interesting puzzle we have here.

Edward Norton

I’m not sure why but I just find him incredibly cute. Seems like the male version of Plain Jane except there’s something more maybe.

Megan Fox

She might be kinda trashy and an occasional idiot (ref quote “If you eat Chinese food, your farts come out like Chinese food. If you eat Mexican food, your farts come out like Mexican food- [not going to even bother with the rest of the quote]) but physically she’s a classic beauty. The only one on the list whose attractiveness has zilch to do with personality.

Dita Von Teese

Bizarre. Gorgeous classic 60s fashion taste, acts like she’s from some wispy bygone era, but wait she’s.. WHAT, a burlesque dancer?! AND she dated Marilyn Manson? HMM. Intriguing.

Zooey Deschanel

A weirdo with crazy doll eyes. Makes lovely music. The oddball’s a girl after my own heart.

Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers

Bob Dylan’s kiddo’s a chip off the old block with his piercing pale eyes.

Dr House

Fine he’s fictional (but pretty much everything on Dili’s list was fictional so nya!). Kudos to Hugh Laurie; all the humour, wit and blunt cynicism of the character pours out through his eyes. So yes, eyes again. He also happens to be a mad genius.

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot

Let’s see, how can I put this not so cheesily? His lyrics have been a window to my soul since I was 15? Great voice, great poet.

Jon Stewart

Jon shouldn’t really be on this list because I’m sorta eternally in love with him. He’s mad and hilarious. End of story.

I taaag Jack Point, Papareboy, his mum and Sashini. Except you guys can pick just ONE crush worthy celebrity of the opposite sex, the rest of the list have to be of the same sex! Just imagine you’re gay. Yeah I changed the rules. I’ll do what I wan’!

Ya know, I tried real hard to look for a non-american/british celebrity to crush on, but seriously, I couldn’t find a single one I thought was particularly attractive. What’s up with that?

Oh except for Ranjan Ramanayake of course.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

5 rupees.

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You drop it in a bowl. One coin every day, from bus change or whatever.
It’ll build up to 140 rupees in a month.

10 bowls = 1400 rupees a month.
Enough for nearly 30 decent rice packets. Bath. Parippu. Dry fish or egg.

If the math is confusing you, long story short: if ten people put 5 rupees a day in a bowl, there’ll be enough money at the end of the month to give a family of 3 a meal a day for a week.

Doesn’t seem like much. But it beats starving right?
And what if you made it 10 rupees, and 30 bowls.

I’m making a little movie presentation for the idea, made of a set of photographs taken all over, of people or places or anything really that you think needs help. I’m hoping it’ll make some viewers want to try it.
5 rupees isn’t much after all. It’s not a trip to an African village to cure AIDS or a month in the slums of Bombay or anything intimidating like that.

So basically it’s: 1. Drop 5 rupees in a bowl each day for a month. 2. I collect it and ask you where you want it to go if not to a random family in need. 3. …yep. Effortless pretty much.
Or you know, you could just give it to someone random who needs it more.

Of course I gave the pros a shout (Dinidu, Raashid, Sachini) for the really sha! pictures for the movie, but I was wondering if any of you guys would like to help? Because we’ve got the big stuff of the refugee camps and the tsunami victims and all, but what about just the homeless guy in wellawatte?

Wherever you live, get your camera out and start clicking, totally amateur stuff even, I don’t care. If it’s just of the kid near the market asking you to buy murukku packets so he has food for lunch or a happy ragged old man sleeping on the pavement or just the beggars sharing food and conversation at the top of your lane.

Send your pics to and be a part of the movie. I’ll start putting it together in 2 weeks.

Ok ok don’t look at me like that, I’m not turning into Gandhi or anything. I’m just sayin ya know?
5 rupees a day aint nothing to me or you, so chuck it in a bowl and give it to someone who could use it, homie.

portrait excellenté by raashid

Sri Lankan online stalkers are plenty. They are usually classified as total strangers who message you through hi5 or facebook, and randomly try to get you to add them as a friend or initiate convo with you, and fail at it.
Oh and they’re retarded.

I remember finding something in my inbox back during the long-gone hi5 days, from some loser, saying ‘u r very beauty.’ My display picture at the time was a parrot.

I didn’t respond but the inane messages kept coming such as ‘hi sweetie r u frm moratuwa’ or ‘hi will u be my frind.’ Where do these people come from? I’ve got loads of female friends who facepalm at the same thing. Is someone secretly conducting laboratory experiments on special needs children by letting them go nuts on online social networks?

Yesterday I got the lolz at seeing the same  ‘u r very beauty’ line again but in my facebook inbox. I have Caesar on my display pic. Thank you, but I am not the cat sitting on a CD player, asshat.

Mama told me it’s not nice to pick on retarded people but OWELL.
Here’s the copy/pasted convo from my inbox.
(note: bold font = retard)

u r very beauty

no u r

huh but im nt a girl lol

r u sayin ur an ugly boi

no lol hw r u


wut is idk




wut r u sayin lol

wut r U sayin

nothn lol r u ok






ok i think i shud say…..bye

me 2

can we make frendship





End of transmission. And that’s how it’s done.

Cutting back on FUN!

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Guess what? I think, that maybe, there is the slightest chance, that despite my former belief that this was only optional- I have to grow up.

Not completely (let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here), but it turns out I need to stop acting like a total kid if I want to survive college.
This post is a little longer than my usual ramblings but bear with me because it’s deep and meaningful.
Ok not really but it’s about like, the contemplation of life and its intric bananas.    

pic by cosio

It all dawned on me one early morning (or was it dusk), I don’t know, sometimes I lose track– after waking up from a 14-hour-passed-out-on-living-room-carpet episode since having been up with UHU and foam board and paint the previous 2 nights via redbull.

I’m 20 but I give off 12 year old vibes. This is fact. 12 year olds thrive on entertainment, ya dig? 
I put the lesson-handouts from class in a neat file, give due sage nods at lecturers, and try doing some semblance of work for their classes.
Then saturday happens.
Episodes of Lost on the PC, Ironman at MC, a student play in Mount, a magazine event in Bamba, an interview at the Cinnamon, then chill at Barista for good measure, till Tuesday night. Fun!
Then midnight strikes and I realize I have to make a miniature house out of regifoam in precisely 8 hours. Bring on the redbull and paper cuts, bizznitch!

Sleep deprived and half-assed work in hand I stroll into class, get borderline marks, pass out in the lounge, get woken up by the janitor for the next class, find I have an intricate sketch of an architectural monument due the next day, and use my friend redbull to keep me up the same way.   
Saturday comes again and I do the same friggin thing all over again.

Aren’t those the same pink pajamas you wore yesterday? asks a classmate (who is, by the way, now totally accustomed to seeing pajamas peeking out from below my clothes on a daily basis), usually followed by did you have time to  brush your teeth today? which is always responded to with a blatant lie.  

I’ve always been a fun oriented person. Entertainment equals fun. I’m aversed to ordinary people and routine as a rule. Tis why I’m so JOLLEH.
Guilt and a wholesome sense of parents-paying-for-education obligation keeps me doing some sort of last minute work as opposed to none.
The whole thing is like the friggin mantra to the average 12 year old’s life.   

It’s also absolutely nonproductive and even stupid in a 20 year old’s one. Low marks equals pissy lecturers equals bad exam results equals flunking college equals waste of parent’s money equals epic fail at life. Life is pretty big and I could do a lot with it even if I flunked college but still, epic fail.   

So I guess I have to cross over to the dark side? With the time managementliness and responsubilitah! Definitely keeping my jobs as a freelancer because that only costs a few hours and writing is what I’m all about, but cutting down completely on movies and meetups (unless it’s something epic like, I dunno, Fight Club The Sequel or a party in my honor or something).

I’m still a little hesitant. It doesn’t mean I’ll say no to an awesome out-of-town trip with friends or a big event that means a lot to someone close if I go, but I’m conciously cutting down on fun by atleast about 40% percent. I think they call it self disciplun or something totally unfamiliar to me like that.  

I’m not hesitant because I’m insanely spoilt on fun or cuz it’ll be hard at first or cuz I’m incapable of taking anything seriously (ok not so sure about the last one) but mostly because I’m a little scared that in the process of cutting back on fun, and taking work seriously, giving in to the system so to speak, something I’ve never considered before and something adults everywhere dive head first into, I might change.
And become a tad.. *cue horror music* boring.


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I haven’t slept in 32 hours and counting, and plan to stay up tonight too thanks to college work accumulating like a shitpile and my honed mastery at the skill of procrastination.

HOW DO I DO IT. Redbull, man. Those guys need to pay me for the advertising about to explode all over my blog now but the shizz srsly works. I can’t fall asleep after a few sips.
The following are a series of visual representations to elaborate how stuff that may usually induce panic and horror and near death in me are now recieved post-redbull.  




But I’ve discovered due to the crazy uptake in energyness it also causes crazy fluctuations in teh mind.
One moment I’m in class thinking about topography and then BAM, I am thinking about a giraffe perched upon a flower.


Scary, yes. AND YET with its awesome energy giving powers, redbull has now made me..


Except when there’s like, a serious conversation going on and there’s a can nearby..