Cutting back on FUN!

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Guess what? I think, that maybe, there is the slightest chance, that despite my former belief that this was only optional- I have to grow up.

Not completely (let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here), but it turns out I need to stop acting like a total kid if I want to survive college.
This post is a little longer than my usual ramblings but bear with me because it’s deep and meaningful.
Ok not really but it’s about like, the contemplation of life and its intric bananas.    

pic by cosio

It all dawned on me one early morning (or was it dusk), I don’t know, sometimes I lose track– after waking up from a 14-hour-passed-out-on-living-room-carpet episode since having been up with UHU and foam board and paint the previous 2 nights via redbull.

I’m 20 but I give off 12 year old vibes. This is fact. 12 year olds thrive on entertainment, ya dig? 
I put the lesson-handouts from class in a neat file, give due sage nods at lecturers, and try doing some semblance of work for their classes.
Then saturday happens.
Episodes of Lost on the PC, Ironman at MC, a student play in Mount, a magazine event in Bamba, an interview at the Cinnamon, then chill at Barista for good measure, till Tuesday night. Fun!
Then midnight strikes and I realize I have to make a miniature house out of regifoam in precisely 8 hours. Bring on the redbull and paper cuts, bizznitch!

Sleep deprived and half-assed work in hand I stroll into class, get borderline marks, pass out in the lounge, get woken up by the janitor for the next class, find I have an intricate sketch of an architectural monument due the next day, and use my friend redbull to keep me up the same way.   
Saturday comes again and I do the same friggin thing all over again.

Aren’t those the same pink pajamas you wore yesterday? asks a classmate (who is, by the way, now totally accustomed to seeing pajamas peeking out from below my clothes on a daily basis), usually followed by did you have time to  brush your teeth today? which is always responded to with a blatant lie.  

I’ve always been a fun oriented person. Entertainment equals fun. I’m aversed to ordinary people and routine as a rule. Tis why I’m so JOLLEH.
Guilt and a wholesome sense of parents-paying-for-education obligation keeps me doing some sort of last minute work as opposed to none.
The whole thing is like the friggin mantra to the average 12 year old’s life.   

It’s also absolutely nonproductive and even stupid in a 20 year old’s one. Low marks equals pissy lecturers equals bad exam results equals flunking college equals waste of parent’s money equals epic fail at life. Life is pretty big and I could do a lot with it even if I flunked college but still, epic fail.   

So I guess I have to cross over to the dark side? With the time managementliness and responsubilitah! Definitely keeping my jobs as a freelancer because that only costs a few hours and writing is what I’m all about, but cutting down completely on movies and meetups (unless it’s something epic like, I dunno, Fight Club The Sequel or a party in my honor or something).

I’m still a little hesitant. It doesn’t mean I’ll say no to an awesome out-of-town trip with friends or a big event that means a lot to someone close if I go, but I’m conciously cutting down on fun by atleast about 40% percent. I think they call it self disciplun or something totally unfamiliar to me like that.  

I’m not hesitant because I’m insanely spoilt on fun or cuz it’ll be hard at first or cuz I’m incapable of taking anything seriously (ok not so sure about the last one) but mostly because I’m a little scared that in the process of cutting back on fun, and taking work seriously, giving in to the system so to speak, something I’ve never considered before and something adults everywhere dive head first into, I might change.
And become a tad.. *cue horror music* boring.

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  2. Sach says:

    There’s a simpler solution. Find a rich dude.

  3. Me-shak says:

    Pissu, pissu, pissu! “Aney mo-odi” :@ You don’t have to cut off all your fun. It’s all about time management you see? Discipline comes along with it 😦 I know *sigh* what to do? But discipline your self to go home by 10 or what ever. Get good sleep no matter what and you are good to go :). Woman you’ll die sirata! I mean since you are used to late nights and all, I’m sure you’ll be up watching movies or something even if you are at home. And if you say “I will discipline myself” I’m sure you then can manage coming home early and sleeping properly. Don’t leave room for any regrets:) Thats the worst that could happen. TC men, and think. ooooohhh, and brush the teeth pajamah gal *disgusted face* 😛


  4. Dee says:

    You’d probably go for a different sort of fun. man at times I definitely feel boring…meh…ok wrong person. nvm

  5. Jack Point says:

    Oh no, another architecture student?

    Why does a country that has so many architects have so many horrible buildings?

  6. Hades says:

    haha, honestly I’m not surprised at you having time to actually draw those images? u must be the queen of procrastination! xD

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