Going Sane

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

pic by m0thyyku

Matter is a fluid

And I’m floating in it

Swimming through

Slow motion

Do birds swim too?

Because there’s a little pretty pigeon

A pretty, pretty pigeon

A technicolor pigeon on my shoulder

It’s saying lalala, just like that

La la la, bobbing its feather hat

I’m just kidding!

About the feather hat

But oh it’s flying away

The dropping it left behind

Smells like reality

Everything is slow

Slow and easy

Like a snail from outerspace

Time is moving

Sluggish pace

Colours tickle my ears

They’re wearing funny little coats

Soft and clean cut, like silence

And I’m cocooned in a pocket

In the jacket of my mind

The jacket’s yellow and conspicuous

Next to my boring linens

And my sensible cottons

But it’s my favourite jacket

And oh how comfy it is

Inside its pocket

I can hear the pigeon lalala’ing

It’s going to shit all over my jacket!


I swim around and tug the jacket to the back

It won’t find us back here

It’s slower back here

My ears are bigger back here

‘Cause you see, it has to be

The colours are louder back here

But I’ve swum so back here

Till the linens and cottons are gone

And all that’s there is the clothing rail

Where are we?

I’m lost.




Stupid pigeon.

  1. Gehan says:

    sheer brilliance.

  2. Chavie says:

    LOL! 😀

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