Hippies: Pot & Long Hair Doesn’t Cut It

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Disclaimer: this is an opinion blog so I’m entitled to my personal opinion; any ‘hippies’ who get offended, please don’t come after me and call me a corporate monster. it hurts my feelingz.   

Let me take you back in time, faithful readers, to the time of the hippies: the 60s.
Those non-hippies among you who are less educated on the subject are probably groaning and going ‘damn hippies! always huggin my trees and judgin me and my corporate life with their smelly hair and pretentious vegetarianism! I KILL U HIPPY!’

But if that’s the case your perception of hippies has been warped with time by culture and the reign of hippy posers, as is the case with most of us. Yep, most of the ‘hippies’ I meet today are annoying douchebags, there I said it.

So going back to the 60s… the hippy movement was that of a revolution. Wars and guns and talks of nucelear weapons were just emerging – and the hippies originally were, in a nutshell, people who did not want the killings and violence, and sought to fix problems, via civilized discussions that focused on love and respect. A passive resistance to opponents and a passive but firm preaching of peace in order to resolve issues.
Mohandas Gandhi was a hippy, if you ask me, though he knew how to do it way before the 60s happened.

Of course Gandhi was bald and he didn’t smoke pot.

The recreational drugs popularized by hippies were used because feelings of peace and love/respect towards others comes naturally when you’re high – muscles and the mind relax. Duh. I’m neither gonna condone or condemn it but that’s a fact. The long hair and funny clothes came with the human cultural need to differentiate a hippy from somebody who didn’t hold the same hippy ideals.

So basically, hippies, in origin, stood for something. Protests were made against violence, love and peace was preached in lectures by intelligent thinkers, and art (poetry and music) was used to preach the same values. They were on a serious mission, to change the world, hence the revolution theme of the 60s.

Let’s come back to today. There are some amazing hippies out there, visionaries of peace and innovation – except they don’t always have the ‘hippy look’ going so they’re called peace activists or whatever as opposed to ‘hippies.’ The average ‘hippy’ however who prefers being recognized as one – has long hair, a few piercings, wears natural indigenous cloths (however expensive and commercial, albeit), maybe a tattoo, reads poetry, studies art, smokes pot, says they hate war – everything fits right? Except not always. I know people who live, eat and breathe hippy culture – the superficial bits, the clothes and the words you say out loud – but when you have a chat with them, all I hear is a lot of whining.

“Oh yeaaah dude, these politicians are fucking idiots, our government is a total cesspool, urgh the system, it’s disgusting.. why can’t everyone just chill and smoke up bro? There’s your solution. Like, dude.”

Get your head out of your ass, man.

You know what real hippies do when there’s something wrong with the world? They get up and try to change it. The idea of war and unrest among people bothers them so much, being the strong believers in peace and love that they are, that they actually make an effort to do something about it. Whether it’s relevant art or protests or using the media to voice out your resistance or just talking to people about how important it is to resolve whatever it is they’re fighting about – the peace and love thing is a way of life, not a trend like bellbottoms.

“Peace, man.. like totally, like love and stuff.. that’s what it’s all about, man.. anyway, my dad’s always trying to make me go to church, what a fucking tool. Organized religion should die.. christians are like whatever, man.”

Asshat: n. when one’s head is so far up one’s ass, that one wears it as a hat.

Hippies may have a general lack of rules when it comes to living life – but as intelligent people who want peace and love, showing disrespect towards and insulting other people’s lifestyles, however different from their own lifestyle, is an obvious contradiction. In hippieland, see, everyone is equal – everyone is different, but everyone deserves love, for the sake of forming bridges between the different types of people.  

I’ve met plenty of modern day ‘hippies,’ though, who I gotta say, are bitter and hateful. Sure, there’s use of the words ‘peace’ and ‘love’ but when it comes to showing it, they fail. There’s a pretentious demeanor in the way they express their beliefs that says ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’, an antithesis to the hippy law that anyone who doesn’t stand for hate or war deserves brotherly respect.

Being an advocate of peace and love, which is what hippies are, isn’t about picking some ‘supreme theory’ of an ideal world and rejecting all else, it requires education and understanding; it’s not about scorning people who don’t share your beliefs or people who eat chicken and don’t give a crap about going green; it’s not about sitting on your ass all week and just getting high; it’s not about just idle chit chat based on your distaste for the corporate system and the tool mindedness of society; it’s not about clothes and image.

It’s about composing something positive that you’re passionate about, maybe singing it to people hoping it’ll change the way they look at things; gathering a few friends and figuring out how to create change; putting your thoughts out there about peace and love and how it can actually be applicable in society.. not only just going ‘like peace duuude, pass me that joint.’

So if you’re going to say you’re up for peace and love, man, show it.  
Leave the pretending to the hip hop posers at MC.

hippies in the 60s: taking to the streets, resisting violence, making a statement.


hippies today: making me lol.

another random douchebag who makes me lol.

  1. It’s just a thought shifani…just vibration…whtehr you’re out in the street protesting or sitting and smoking a joint with your friends, the purpose is to generate that vibe…doesnt matter how you do it

  2. Tulie says:

    Great Post Maks – I read it at a time when I really needed to 🙂

    You think you are judged because you eat chicken? I am a Hindu vegetarian – vegetarian b’cos my family has been vegetarian for generations thanks to religious faith and I’ve never felt more judged or vilified.

    Nothing you need know I guess, but just to give you the background; Hinduism being an ancient religion that keeps on reinventing itself has many facets to it; in its current form, practised widely, it preaches Ahimsa towards all living beings and the negative effects of karma if not. However, remnants of some old elements remain in some areas and one such is Animal sacrifice. I had never heard of such a thing happening in Hindu temples before, I was quite shocked to hear it was still happening in a very few temples in pockets of the country. The most famous of these is in Chilaw – if You have been following the papers, you would know how the event has been covered extensively, I did too, both as a journalist as well as an animal lover.

    Anyway, reading up comments on various news and blog sites about the barbarism of Hinduism and the Hindus has been a very painful experience. I have never felt more unfairly misunderstood or vilified.

    I just wanted you to know – after spending the whole day reading negative, ill judged and biased comments, it makes my day to know there are also intelligent, sensible people like you out there!

  3. just saying, you got all kinds even back then….there’s no correct way of doing it….its about freedom…just so you know, you got the jokers back then as welll…you get bullshitters of every kind out there….just coz ppl dress colourful dont make them hippie…but making a change is as simple as lighting a joint…thats how it goes

  4. “peace dude, pass me that joint” powerful words man…beautiful words…their spreading the vibe….thats how it needs to be done

    • makuluwo says:

      Haha well I get what you say about how you can make a change by lighting a joint and the vibes, like how the atmosphere at the poetry jam was productive though we weren’t doing more than exchanging ideas.. but I just think a lot of people think hippyism is just saying certain words or just the act of smoking up. The fakers who think superficially doing things without feeling it makes them peace activists just piss me off.

  5. MyAcidWords says:

    hehehe loved it
    totally agree with you
    and the last pic made me lol big time

  6. Hisham says:

    like chill duuuude…. Hahahahaha LMAO…. This brings back memories to the first open mic we attended remember tht shif? Hahaha i was loling all over the floor when I read altho I have to disagree with 1 thing.. @tulee u think shifani is a sane person????? Hahahaha =p

  7. Gehan says:

    haha someone say ‘burn’.

    i am constantly surprised by people who want me to be ‘open minded’ and embrace their ideals while they mock and ridicule mine. i seem to be the one who’s open minded, i mean, i’ve listened to enough theories on how i’m an idiot for what i believe, but i don’t go calling them ‘ignorant’ or ‘talking out of their ass’

    again i say: ‘burn’. 🙂

  8. Sachi says:

    LOL 😀 nicely put !

  9. Me-shak says:

    This is absolutely so true. Why do people have to put on a show for others? :S It all boils down to how many heads you can turn when you walk a bus stand.

    I love how you have written it 🙂


  10. Joy says:

    This is great, nothing but truth in a society who is consumed by the image of others and not what truly counts. Hippies did smoke to expand their mind but that’s not what its all about as well as actions speak way louder than words. It’s easy to talk the talk but not walk the walk. And who cares about labels anyway, you are you and I am me. We are people standing up for what we believe in, and if you are truly for peace and love it wouldn’t matter to you whether people considered you a hippie or not. Thank you for spreading the knowledge Makuluwo 🙂

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