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Photography has become one of my most favorite pasttimes EVAR. Me and my little digital nikon 8.0 mp have been through a lot, such as that one time I dropped it in the toilet bowl and had to fish it out.
But that is a tale for another day.

I really wanna learn to get epic at taking pictures, though I’ve been told I’ve evolved with practise. On popular demand, here’s some of my stuff below (apologies to your bandwidths in advance!)… so honest opinions pls, and some constructive criticism from the pros out there in the blogosphere with the posh SLRs and all.

Omg I want an SLR so bad, almost as much as I want a pet monkey in a tiny monkey sweater.  

Anyway, here:

bridesmaids gown

asshole calling


the 3 elements

girl in the yellow dress

mirissa boys

morning dew



  1. Azrael says:

    These are actually quite good IMO. You may not like it, but practice is the only way to excel 😀

  2. PseudoRandom says:

    They’re lovely! Especially 1 and 4.

    Yes, practise makes perfect…but also, experiment. Look at the settings on your camera, see how much control you have over the variables, and then mess about with them. As clichéd as it sounds, get to know your camera. That’s been one of the major rewards of my 365 (which is here *shamelessplug*), apart from the obvious ‘getting to take photos every day’ thing.

    My other suggestion would be to spend time on sites like flickr and have a look at photos taken with your camera. If you see one with an effect you’d like to replicate, have a look at the exif data and see what settings were used. Photography blogs also have useful tips on composition, exposure settings etc.

    I’m generally wary of people jumping on the SLR bandwagon. They’re expensive, and even if you get a ‘general purpose’ lens, you can’t just stuff it in your handbag when you’re heading out…so there’s less opportunity for spontaneous photography. A lot of people seem to think that using an SLR will miraculously improve their photography…I disagree. The quality of the image will be amazing, yes…but if your composition’s wonky or you focus on the wrong thing, the photo will still be crap. I would suggest that you wait until you’ve exhausted every setting on your compact camera before you think about an upgrade.

    P.S.- what’s with me leaving so many long ass comments on your blog?! 😀

    • aufidius says:

      Spot on PR!

      Nothing much I can add, I too use a normal 6.0 point and shoot. I don’t have an SLR as yet – it would do you and your skills a great deal of good if you start with a point and shoot, exhaust your options and then move to an SLR. If you get to an SLR straight away – your bad habits will stay with you for a long time.

      To put it in clearer terms, its like if you start using AutoCAD before mastering hand drawing techniques, chances are you will be a master of neither!

      Good luck!

    • makuluwo says:

      @P.S. I dunno but I’m loving it. 😛

  3. Chavie says:

    Ahhh, a DSLR… *dreams* 🙂

    I’m not even as pro as you are, but what I’ve learned is snap as much as you can. I took a 120-odd pics last Saturday, but only 30 were, IMHO, upload-worthy. So I guess it’s a lot of trial and error. 🙂

  4. Sach says:

    Trial and error is the key. My suggestion is, invest a little bit on a big ass memory card before you do on an SLR. Then take shitload of pics – if I take 100 pics, only a few turn out better than what I expected which is my goal. Key is, challenge yourself all the time.

    Also, as PR says see other people’s work and try to replicate them, improve if possible. It’s not like you’re copying them. Eventually you’ll know what is the best setting, composition, when you see a location or a person etc.

    Love the beach pic.

  5. Dee says:

    really really good! Love the bridesmaid one

  6. jeezuz says:

    these suck. what you need is some drama and madness in your pictures and not those boring bloody cliches like that dude walking into the distance symbolizing all sorts of bullshit. he’s probably looking for kid to molest. try setting your cat on fire, throw the bugger into a fireworks factory and add pittbull for extra measure. click. money please

  7. u4j10 says:

    Really the first and last photos.Check out photos taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson,Robert Doisneau and Diane Arbus for some really good photography! 🙂

  8. I wanted to comment something rude but with undertones of being caring on all, but couldn’t cum up with anything

  9. Me-shak says:

    Ok first of all, thanks for uploading these. Really commendable! The compositions are really super, and I’m not exaggerating at all. I really like the “Girl in the yellow dress”, the effects and all, are just perfect. “Maduganga” is lovely. Great B&W work.

    Okay, about getting a DSLR, I was dying for one! no, really. I was promised one. As usual, I didn’t get it. Instead I got a great point and shoot. I’m learning to exploit it. Like pseudo said, try out stuff! Spin that menu knob to everything it can point to. You’ll get better at it, the more you try. Also, try your hand at panoramas, macros, long exposures and what not? I’m sure you’ll do a really good job!

    Okay and I really need to gobble one of those cup cakes.


  10. makuluwo says:

    Thanks for the useful advice, guys! 😀

  11. Mrs.Tyger says:

    zomg cupcakessss!! ^_^ love the pics shiffy….ok i’m gonna get myself a nikon too 😛

  12. Aamina says:

    I’ve always thought you could be a great photographer..just remember never let the gear take over your pictures..sometimes they just complicate matters..

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