Self Inflicted Dejavu

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am bored.

So, so, so bored.

You know what is boring me to death? The predictability of everything.
I do ranting posts but they’re rarely pointless ranting, so please, bare with me for this exception.

There comes a chunk of your life, you wake up in, and you realize damn I did this yesterday. You know, that part when you find yourself following a routine.

Wake up, brush teeth, iron clothes, take bus, listen to lectures, come back, internet, eat, sleep, repeat.
It drives me insane if I do it long enough.

Everyone says the same sort of thing every day.
When they’re not, it’s usually some fascinating gossip.
Man I wish I got as much excitement from hearing ‘did you hear that this one and that one broke up? *noise like a pressure cooker*’ as other folks around me do. I envy their ability to be entertained so easily.
And I’m not invited to their gossip sessions anymore because my reactions (“Oh.”) have rendered me unqualified for such activities.

I like bus rides because they have some semblance of unpredictability in them – will you get a seat or won’t you, are you going to end up next to that crazy person every bus ride tends to have, can you stand precariously on the step’s edge like this without bumping into creepy looking boy. It might not seem like much, but the not knowing is so much when everything else is all laid out for you.

I take detours, I get down earlier than my stop, walk a little, stroll down a different pavement just cuz nice araliya falls on that one. When someone says what’s up, I say everything. Not that everything is up, but even the usual answer to that question is so predictable, why do people even ask it anymore.

How do you escape monotony? How do you escape routine?
Me and my old childhood buddy Chokka Bunnis contemplated this like bigshot pseudo philosophers and all in regular fashion. Maybe we should join a bunch of gypsies, I said, travel around, never settle. But being a homeless traveller can get old too no?

What then, just change it up every time you get bored?
You can’t be living life being constantly entertained, you silly goose, says someone very sane.

Why not.

  1. Lefroy says:

    Find a girlfriend.

  2. PseudoRandom says:

    Doing a Project 365 might help – having to take a different photo every day will introduce some unpredictability into your oh-so-predictable life.

  3. Seesaw says:

    that picture speaks a thousand words. all I can say is- create your own fun. walking down a different pavement seems like a start.

  4. Chavie says:

    That girl. looks. like. you. 😯

    Monotony is something we all have to grapple with, I guess. My salvation is the weekend funscapades with you guys. But weekdays without uni are more boring than weekdays with. I guess I have my wonderful pals to thank for that. 🙂

  5. cf says:

    try cooking, if you don’t. or try new recipes… go buy all new and fun ingredients it asks for. food! to look forward to.. and entertaining, regardless of the aftermath :S.

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