cats aren’t evil, they’re just awfully misunderstood.

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Dog-people have always judged my love for cats unfairly. I’m an animal-person, I love cats and dogs both, for different reasons. And I’d like to come out and nullify some cruel accusations people have been throwing at my poor feline buddies.

Number one myth: cats are snooty.

Cats have moods, just like humans do. They also have different personalities, like humans do.
From what I’ve seen, most dogs are friendly, if not all. If at all you’d find some dogs a little friendlier than others, but they’re all kinda happy-puppy-jump-and-hug-owner-ey. Cats are way more diverse; you’ll find some who love to sit on your lap and purr soon as you come home, some are only purry when they’re particularly happy about  a toy or food or a friend, some like playing and being petted all day, some have days when they’re depressed and antisocial.
Some are really sweet, and some are really rude. I kid you not, about the variety.

When they’re kittens, they’re all easy to please and just adorable – just like babies. Then when they grow up, they develop very distinct personalities.

Sunday and Pumpkin, two of the best cats I’ve ever had, were awesome. They’d run to the gate whenever my dad came home, they’d jump on my lap whenever I sat down. Pumpkin used to wake me up in the morning by poking my face with his nose, and when I was really down Sunday would magically find me and snuggle up next to me with a consoling purr.

On the other side of the personality scale, are Sumo and Harry. They would come when you called them, but their decision to be friendly would depend on their mood that day. Some days Harry would spend the day with me watching tv, doing homework, occasionally whoring for attention by carrying my pen in his mouth. Some days he’d sit in a bush in the garden and wallow in his emo issues. Some days Sumo wouldn’t shut up till I carried him, some days he’d just pee on my magazines. I’m not saying cats are bipolar. I’m saying just like you have bad days and good days, they do too.

Secondly, cats take care of themselves. Many dog owners find that unattractive because it’s fun to treat your pet like a helpless baby and scrub the dirt off it and coddle it and such.
But it works fine for me, babysitting is not my thang.

A dog, you get him, he loves you, end of story.
Cats are just complicated, because every cat is different. Also I don’t mean to be racist, but Sumo was persian, and persian adult male cats have tempers and toxic pee, just fyi.
Dogs are unquestionably loyal to you, your cat will be if it’s got such a personality – and if you get whatever cat from the time it was a kitten, chances are it will latch on to you like a dog does. It’s usually the ones you adopt half way that sometimes give you attitude; think of it like adopting a teenager.. a furry small teenager.. with a strong personality and possibly issues with being moved from home to home.

Why have a cat at all when a dog’s love is most surely guaranteed?
Well it’s an acquired taste. You need to be into that type of companionship if you want a cat, it’s not something everyone can fall in love with. I like the way they work. They’re very clean, they’re smart as hell, they take care of themselves essentially, and each one has a strong personality. You can cuddle them all. Some are very loving and some aren’t as much. It’s like having a furry little person. Who poops in a litter tray.

In conclusion,

  1. Azrael says:

    So true about their distinct personalities. That’s what makes them so interesting.

    Cat’s Rule!

  2. Vivi says:

    Lovely. Totally agree too.

  3. AmethystSoul says:

    But GOD does the poop stink or what. DON’T TRY TO DENY IT. 😛

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  5. Chavie says:

    A friend of mine once told me that cats are just like us, they’re awesome when they’re kittens but grow up to become ‘kaalakanniyas’ like us. 😉

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