Leery Colombo Boys: Tolerated Far Too Long?

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was out today at the Square with some friends who are girls, and we were sitting there on a stone step when both of them cringed and started complaining with shifty eyes about the bunch of nineties boyband guys hanging around in two groups in the distance.

Nineties boyband guys. You know, in a sniggery gang, jeans, pulled up collars, ridiculous hairdos gelled to static perfection, one or two with an awkward piercing and/or moustache, eyeing you like they’re going to break out into a stupid song that is a nauseating mix of cheese and lame perversion.

(At least NSync was cute.)

Despite my skinny little frame I’ve always been a no-mercy type when it comes to leery losers. I have an umbrella or my plastic drawing-paper-carrying roll or my foot on standby when they’re around, and this look on my face that’s like, I’ll cut u and ur mum!111

So I don’t care for them. But these girls were like, omg what if they jump us. o_o

They really could if they wanted to. The Square was kind of isolated and we were skinny girls with no weapon of defense besides a box of vanilla cupcakes to perhaps throw in the other direction and hope they would jump towards its creamy irresistability whilst we made our getaway.

One of my friends had been cornered in the street by a ‘flasher’ once, and on another occasion by a gang of weirdos on bikes. The other had similar stories of guys following her with catcalls on bikes and through the corridors of MC.

And it struck me that these stories weren’t unheard of; me and loads of my friends had experienced at least once, some creepy guy leering uncomfortably close in some form, usually in a gang. Lots of the time in public hangouts like malls and beaches. This isn’t just a bit of jeering and winking, this is following around for hours, standing in the way, making really scary verbal attacks, and in extreme cases it transgresses to physical harassment or flashing the poor girl.

Where do they come from, these gangs? Their existence is a hindrance to women in Colombo and nobody’s really talked about it. It’s like they’re just… always there. Waiting for young girls to stalk. And they all have this appearance like they’re sexually starved rabid animals about to pounce.

I might not be as visibly scared as the other girls but all my muscles tense when I meet some of them in the bus or along the pavement, expecting some perverted attack, my face turned into a disgusted grimace. It’s oppression, bro, no other word to it. But what do you do?

Usually I’d end this with that, but it’s occured to me that this happens only because attackers aren’t punished. Perverts get away with harassing random women and it’s become a bit of a leisure activity for bored little boys methinks.
So mixing pepper and water and pouring it into a perfume bottle is one solution. It burns when sprayed.
Too far? I dunno.

We stayed longer at the Square because I insisted and because tourist noobs appeared and made the situation less potentially pervattack-ey. But on another day we probably would have left if the leering got worse. And girls have been leaving places to avoid confrontation with these bullies too many times; why should you spend less time at a place you love just because some primates are displaying their idiocy? I think it’s time that someone, when approached by a leery bunch of guys making kissy noises and standing too far in her personal space, turned around and sprayed those bitches in the face with pepper.

Yeah. Watch yoself. -_-

  1. dingbat says:

    I don’t know if you can open perfume bottles that you find in SL. But I think this would be a good start.
    believe it or not this doesn’t only happen to women. I was flashed when I was like 17, I was too shocked to react. Back then, pedophiles were not in the mainstream media. But granted, women do get too often harassed in SL. It should stop.

  2. I know where they come from…i’m not saying it’s right at all but still…this is the result of decades of sexual oppression…fucked up scenario…

  3. PseudoRandom says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with the sexual oppression claim…yes, a lot of Sri Lankan males (South Asian males in general) are repressed, sexually frustrated neanderthals, but if that were the sole cause of this harassment, you wouldn’t get flashers in more sexually liberal cultures. You wouldn’t see leery lads making humping gestures at girls walking down the road minding their own business. You wouldn’t read about rape every time you opened a newspaper. But you do. I’ve lost count of how many times my college has emailed the students warning us about some guy ‘exposing himself’ to ladies on the street. At one time, I was scared to walk home alone (for obvious reasons) but I was also scared to take a taxi alone, ‘cos there were a lot of stories about rapist cab drivers.

    I think <a href="http://www.leftycartoons.com/street-harassment/"this comic describes the situation perfectly.

    BTW I’d be careful about the pepper spray…if you initiate physical violence, you’ll have to deal with their (most probably physical) response. No matter how lame these guys look, they can overpower you. I carry an ‘attack alarm’…the idea is that they won’t do what they do if they think they’ll get caught, so if we alert ppl nearby, they’ll bugger off. I hope.

  4. Gehan says:

    i agree with PR’s statement about expecting retaliation, it could get messy especially if ur home-made pepper spray fizzles out on u. but i also understand that its ridiculous to keep leaving places where there are guys hanging out, i mean, it has to stop.

    being a guy i rarely see these things in person so it just really shocks me when i read these stories. i mean, following a girl on a bike and flashing her?! it just boggles the mind, and it is just shameful that people like this can be walking the streets like normal ppl without us knowing.

  5. Chavie says:

    I was just reading about this on GG’s blog as well as the Times. Messed up man. Learning self defence techniques wouldn’t hurt, I guess. It’s all the rage in developed countries. If girls themselves took a stand, these guys would just go *poof* and disappear coz they won’t see you as an easy target anymore. Also if you’re in a bus and get into a situation, tell the conductor. What I read is that most girls are scared and traumatised to tell anyone if something horrible is taking place, but that encourages the perv coz he knows you won’t scream.

  6. Angel says:

    I wish attack alarms were available here… I had one sent by a cousin about ten years ago, and used it ONCE…. worked amazingly well I have to say.

    Still… I remained kinda spooked for a couple of weeks.

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