Birthday List

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Remember back when I used to post about something or the other almost every day? I miss that. I’m going to start again this year. Oh yeah. Get ready for it.

Today I opted to stay in Colombo to work on stuff as opposed to go to Kandy for a week and dilly dally with the cousins. PIVOTAL MOMENT, PEOPLE.

Choosing productive organized work over sitting around on a paduru with a bunch of teenagers and playing UNO. I think a part of me is growing up or something.


In similar news, I’m 21 in a month. For some reason I expected me to stop aging beyond 18, so every time a birthday comes closer I feel like it’s a notable incident worth mentioning.
Like, woah man I’m going white water rafting next month.
woah man I’m turning a year older next month.

Mind blowing stuff.

I am sick of getting stupid things for my birthdays. People, I am never going to wear those chunky necklaces and gaudy tops you get me. I’m never going to light scented candles in this weather. And the only hard copy photographs I have are the ones I took in seventh grade back when I was not aware of the marvels of modern technology, so kindly save the photoframes. Also, I will shoot myself in the face if I have to feign pure ecstasy and declare ‘oh how.. nice!’ at an ‘ornament’ one more time. Srsly, why do ornaments even exist anymore.

This is my list this year. Take heed.

1. Money. If I get 1000 bucks each from 30 friends, and I couple that with my salary and some money won from betting with my dad (he always loses bets with me, that silly man), I’ll have enough money for a spanking new camera.

2. Graphic novels. The ones you get at the Vijitha Yapa at Crescat.

3. A little monkey in a sweater.

4. Chocolate biscuit pudding. Just get some at Cravings at Perera & Sons or Dessert Corner at the Galcissa junction or make it and drop it off, it will truly suffice.

5. Canvas and fabric paints.

6. Everything by Bird and the Bee, OK Go, The Lonely Island, The Feeling, Amy Winehouse, Mutya Buena, Adele. Even downloaded albums in a pendrive will do, I just fail at getting around to downloading all their albums.

I realize that some of these demands may come off as too demanding. I don’t expect anyone to get me a monkey this year. Sigh. But the rest, I’d say, rather easy to get.
Oh oh and I promise I’ll get you cool stuff for your birthday too.

I think it’s so dumb how everyone expects everyone else to magically know what they want for their birthdays. Maybe you think it shows how everyone cares so much about you that they know exactly what you want without you even mentioning blah blah blah, but chances are they won’t get you the stuff you’re silently looking for this year anyway.

So everyone needs to make a birthday list (post yours as a comment and if I know you, I shall get you it, as long as it’s not like, mad priced shoes at Odel or something) and put it up for all to see a month before their birthday. Problem solved, everyone’s happy, and nobody is going to get scented candles in 30 degree heat.

1337 cake. with 1337 bears.

  1. let me see wht we can do abt those cravings :P…

  2. Chavie says:

    that’s a looooong list Makkie my friend… *plots* 😀

  3. Why do the bears look as if they are doing something naughty to the candles? Or is it just me..?

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