The Story Of How I Almost Got Kidnapped

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Okay fine, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but to be fair, which of my blog posts aren’t?

Nevertheless, the weirdest thing happened to me today. I don’t know whether to call it creepy or bizarre or just a random occurrence that meant nothing. Gave me the heebijeebis though.

So there I was, minding my own business, standing at a bus stop in Dehiwela – in broad daylight, at around 10.30am. Staring out into the distance, thinking about eclairs, that sort of profound stuff. I was waiting for my mum to pick me up in her car.

There was a flash of blue in front of me, and I realized it was a blue car and it horned once. I thought, okay shiny random blue car, whatever, and went back to silently contemplating life.

The blue car horned twice more, and the man inside looked at me. It was sunny so I couldn’t see his face clearly since the sun made his car windows shine.

So obviously, my brain was like, what car would pause for twenty seconds on Galle Road and horn a couple of times at you, unless the person in the car knew you? The guy smiled and from where I was standing he looked just like this friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in ages, who lives in the vicinity. Naturally I thought he was stopping to say hi.

It was the bus stop, so there was a big angry red bus behind this guy’s blue car. So he slowly moved his car in front and parked it into that indentation in the pavement reserved for bus parking. I walked over there, about seven feet ish from where I was standing, because I thought it was this friend stopping in the middle of traffic to greet me!

Smiling, I stopped next to the passenger seat window and looked in, expecting him to put the shutters down to say hi. But instead he took the stuff off the passenger seat, cleared it up, and gestured to open the door. That’s weird, I think, but I just open the door and look at the angry bus and say ‘dude I don’t think you’re supposed to park here.’

When I look up I realize it’s not my friend at all. My friend has a shaved head and this guy has hair. O_O
He looked in his late twenties, fair, friendly face, but not so friendly to be excluded of the ‘potential rapist’ label.

He said something like, ‘hey, yeah no prob, get in.’ He’s smiling and gesturing at the seat next to him, like it’s the most normal thing in the world for a stranger at the bus stop to climb into his vehicle and let him drive away.

I’m thinking, WTF. But I’m so perplexed at his nonchalance and so unsuspecting of creepy things happening in broad daylight in a public road, that I think perhaps it’s someone who knows me and I don’t recognize them, or my mother actually sent a driver to pick me up. So I say, ‘Wait a sec, who are you? I thought I knew you.’

‘That’s okay, hop in, I can give you a ride, where are you going?’

What the fuck.

And thanks to all the horror stories I’ve read about and heard about, and my innate phobia of sexual predators (like pedophiles even though I’m way past pedophile-prey age) and my imagination that’s always got running shoes on – my instant reflex was to RUN FOR MY LIFE. Before he kidnaps me and takes me to a seedy little brothel in Maharagama. The little voice in my head’s like ‘HE IS GOING TO CHLOROFORM ME’ and sirens go off.

I say ‘uh nevermind!’ and slam the door and walk away really fast, thinking omg rapist.

I go back to where I was standing and look in the opposite direction, trying to process wtf that was about.

A few seconds later I look back and he’s obviously fled the scene.

Can anyone answer me: WUT?

Who does that? One possibility is, he is not a rapist or pimp or creepy pervert but just totally stupid and socially inept, and thought actually stopping in front of a bus stop and giving a random girl a ride would be a smooth pick-up move.
The other possibility is he is a scary creep who was going to chloroform and kidnap me. AARGGH.
Another one is he was just drunk, but really good at not showing it on his face.
And the other one is he preys on foreign girls cuz he thinks they’re easy – maybe he thought I was Maldivean cuz people keep saying my face looks Maldivean, and I dress a little weird too. Keep in mind I was all covered up with a shawl and what not, so it’s not like I even looked remotely ‘come and get me, creepy boys of colombo’ (ew).

Still, what an utter weirdo. Mum says I should have caught his license plate number, but I was too busy thinking of chloroform and brothels at the time to do this. Dad was annoyed that I even opened the door, what if he’d grabbed and pulled me in and drove away? Yeesh.

Mum narrated to me a similar story, where a young guy in broad daylight had stopped in his van in front of a 40-something year old friend of hers, and said ‘get in, aunty’ with a smile. And in her old ageyness and total non-suspicion of young boy calling her aunty, she got in, assuming it was a friend of her adult son’s.
Instead of dropping her to where she was going, he drove through a foreign route, and she asked him why, slowly realizing she couldn’t recognize him. He’d said, ‘why don’t we just take a drive around a bit before dropping you.’ She’d quickly said roughly, ‘stop here for a second please,’ and he did and she jumped out and walked away fast.

What the hell? Has this sort of thing ever happened to any of you? It’s just unfathomable to me that there are young men in Colombo who stop during daytime and actually offer rides to female strangers, in public really. Are they bored or lonely? Or part of some scaryass kidnapping via chloroform ploy? What I want to know is if it’s just men coming onto women inappropriately, or actually doing it with nefarious intent. Either way, it’s fucked up.

What if I’d been half asleep, as I usually am that early in the morning, thought it was my friend and casually got in on request. Argh! The very thought makes me flail in horror. Girls, do not get into anybody’s car alone, no matter who it is, unless they’re a very close friend or family member.

And guys, if you stop in front of me in your car after this and wave, I’m going to just ignore you even if we’re friends. I can’t risk being driven to a seedy brothel in Maharagama, sorry.

  1. Gehan says:

    why do these things only happen to you??

    lol this is so bizarre it must be true.. honestly, nowadays, our fellow countrymen can do nothing to surprise me..

    how utterly creepy.. i wonder if women do this to random boys too… [ponders]

  2. shewhothinkstoomuch says:

    That’s pretty scary :S

    *And guys, if you stop in front of me in your car after this and wave, I’m going to just ignore you even if we’re friends. I can’t risk being driven to a seedy brothel in Maharagama, sorry.*

    One of my friends had seen me walking down the road, while he was driving to college, and honked his horn several times. He was rather offended that I didn’t turn around. When I explained that it could be anyone, including a potential kidnapper,he just laughed at me.

  3. Tulie says:

    Good questions you’ve asked there about how common this is and what the motive is. Talk to the police,esp. their women and Child protection bureau about how common it is,and write an article about it in the paper…

    It’s certainly something the public should know about.

  4. Chavie says:

    Eeeeeh! :O I’m just glad you’re okay, and I agree with your dad, you shouldn’t have gone anywhere near that car. 😐

  5. Angel says:

    OMG… the possibilities just reek with sordidness! Thank goodness your head was clear enough to walk away!

  6. shewhothinkstoomuch and She Who Eats Cookies. Teh lolz. 😀

    Okay, anyway, dude wtf why are you such a weirdo magnet 😛 First it’s a random hornyboy dry-humping you while getting into a car and now this 😛

    Don’t get abducted, raped, maimed or killed pls, I’d die without you. :C Just sayin’
    love you, broheim. *hardcore fist-bump*

  7. Gaz says:

    So, yes. This has happened to me, but I wasn’t stupid enough to open the door. I was on the way to the bus stand, when this guy slowed down and put down his shutter. I was thinking to myself…”uhhh….do I know you?” trying to place him but just kept walking because I was sure I didn’t know him and yet he persistently kept at it, taking his car to a snail pace and indicating I get into his car. I was still not sure so I looked closer *cue creepy smile on his face*
    I just took the bus and fled, thinking, if it was someone I knew, I’d get a message or something.
    But nothing *horror music*
    Yes, there is a desperate need to psychiatrists in this country who will lock these morons up for good in some asylum, far away from me.

  8. Delilah says:

    it happens.
    when i was about 14 i walked home from school a bit late, maybe 3ish. this white car stopped in front of me and the driver opened the passenger door and motioned me to get in. at first i thought it was my dads friend but as i got closer, i realised it was a strange man and i fled. the man took off. few seconds later a second car pulled up and a heavily made up lady with blonde streaked hair rolled the shutter down and asked me why i looked scared. feeling rather relieved to see a woman, i told her some man tried to kidnap me. she kept offering to drop me home and asked me to get in. but by then i was too scared to get into any car. so i refused, she got annoyed and drove off. luckily there was a police checkpoint close by which i ran to and they took me home. later at the police station, we found out that the older man and lady were a team. the woman was a backup in case the man failed.

  9. T says:

    I was walking to work this morning thinking about your story and a guy on a motorcycle stopped to ask me for directions. I nearly beat him with my water bottle before i realized he was harmless. lol.

  10. dee says:

    oh yes! i was waiting for the 112 on a sunday..which sucks becuase you never catch one.. and this guy in a van kept horning and passing me. like three times. I’m like meh. then he stops, rolls the shutter and says..koheda yanne?

    I’m like -_-

    then he says – galle road neda? 112 eka ada na.

    I’m like O_o !!! has this dude been stalking me? eeks. scary. i got on the next 138 and went off. freaky.

  11. Seesaw says:

    omg SCARY. take care!

    this hasn’t happened to me yet, but will watch out for it in future, as I too take awhile to realise things sometimes- trusting much (foolish much?!). Atleast I’m good with faces- am usually the one who remembers people who don’t remember me. Oh. Hope they don’t think I’m psycho weirdo trying to pick them up.

    But seriously, again- scary!

  12. menka says:

    wat i cant understand is why you think maharagama has “seedy brothels”????
    and not any where els???
    that is so like the last place….

  13. sunanomys says:

    im riding my bike home from subway and this guy stops on the other side in a black van, so i say to myself, ahh its nothing hes turning around.. then i noticed he stopped onto the side where i was going, he also climbed out of his van and i was lets say 30 meters from him and he walks over to his trunk and opens it and shuffles in there. i pause where i am and he looks over at me several times. a bald man .. looked kind of young, so i cross the road on the other side and he says to me “can you come over and help me with my turtle he needs water” or something like that but i heard turtle, I said nah im busy and gotta get home, the whole time in my mind i was thinking this was creepy because since i was a kid i had a fear of child predators.. and im a 17 year old boy so i was thinking why is he doing this? i quickly drove off and when i looked behind me.. he wasnt there, HAD TO GET WATER FOR YOUR TURTLE HUH? my house is like a block down so i drove fast but didnt want him to see where my house is then i looked around and seeing that none of the cars looked like his van i crossed the road on my neighbors lawn and quickly into my backyard ran into my house and i feel paranoid now. whether it was an attempted kidnapping or not.. i dont know but i will tell you this, NEVER EVER get in a car with someone or if someone stops try to get out of there quickly!

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