What Feels Like A Skin Detox But Costs Only 6 Rupees?

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been hormonal lately. I mean literally. It’s like I’m experiencing adolescence all over again. Heinous mood swings, stomach cramps and – DUN DUN DUUNNN! – PIMPLES OF DOOM.

Anyway none of it really bothered me much except for the pimples. There’s panadol for my stomach and there’s secretly killing people and burying them in my backyard for the mood swings – but the pimples, they are just incorrigible. And I hate them so I poke and pluck them out in fits of rage and they just get worse. The only time it got really, really bad was back when I was 18, and this week it was getting that bad again.

Bad as in, people actually ask, what’s up on your face. This is partly because when I get pimples I get just one or two which just look so angry and… bulbous, for lack of a better word, and partly because they don’t pop up in normal places like on my cheek, but more like next to my mouth or on my chin or between my brow and eye.

Anyway, TMI.

After a while of getting tired and fed up of answering people’s annoying ‘what happening on your face’ queries, I thought I’d get creative and change it up. An allergy to pineapples and being attacked by a giant wasp were chiefly used responses.

If you are someone who gets pimples, fear no more FOR I HAVE FOUND YOUR CURE.


Yes. Butterfruit. Aka Avocado.

If you’ve ever been to a spa, or ever had spa-like gooey cool stuff put on your face, or a facial or something, then you know that awesome fresh feeling you get after your skin’s been treated to those mysterious lotions of spa-eyness. And then, you know, the next day you go to work and the car fumes and the humidity and other various things flying around in the innards of a public bus go and just reverse all the detoxing you splurged on.

If you’re like me and you don’t particularly watch how healthy the food you eat is (i.e. you like KFC and chocolate) and you can’t be bothered indulging your vanity with trips to spas and salons and such, and you don’t believe any of the bullshit any commercial tells you about their superduper problem solving cream, and half the time you don’t care what colour your skin turns, then just imagine the light bulb of enlightenment that appeared when I found something at the supermarket for 6 rupees that makes your skin look instantly awesome? It’s like I found the fountain of youth, except I don’t think even the fountain of youth smells nice and is edible too.

All credit goes to the maid Chandra though. Whenever hormones and the heat act up and I get a coupla deadly pimples, she goes ‘aney baba lassana moonata ayy oya mokuth karannaayy!’ which roughly translates to ‘why don’t you get off your lazy ass and do something about those pimples cuz you look awesome without them!’ And then she suggests all these weird fruits and vegetables and all that jazz and how I should either eat them or smear them on my face. Really I can’t be bothered especially when my face usually clears up in a week either way.

But like I said, epic pimples of doom this week, and the heat and hormones were not helping. So I thought, why not. And she cut open a ripe butterfruit, used a spoon to scoop up the gooey green stuff in it and mashed it to total paste in a dish and then told me to put it on my face.

I must confess, I found the whole thing really funny. This is an accurate illustration of what I looked like in the mirror:

So I obliged to her insistence and didn’t expect results from the pastey insides of a random fruit, especially when my mother, a doctor, had foolishly dismissed the wise Chandra’s claims at first. Little did she know of the power of the butterfruit’s goo.

I worked on my laptop for two hours, at the end of which my face felt really cool, literally I mean, it was cold. I took the goo off and pimples that looked kinda ballistic in the morning looked like they were fast healing and my face just looked clearer and brighter (I had to go to a spa for a magazine assignment once so I’d actually parallel the result to that day, except this time I didn’t have an annoying stranger poking my face with her fingers). It does make sense though, because those nasty pimples are basically just inflammation, and they’re red and feel hot and sprout up in the heat – and the green goo of the butterfruit is just naturally something that cools with time, and I guess the cooling zeroes out the inflammation.

Whatever. Point is, butterfruit is awesome because it’s tasty AND awesome-skin inducing. And avocado face masks are actually used in spas, google tells me. Why the hell don’t we all just buy the fruit and have great skin instead of splurging on stupid commercial products and trips to overrated spas? It baffles me.

High-five to Chandra either way! I swear, the maids know everything.

  1. MyAcidWords says:

    I have a question where the heck do you find avacados for 6 rupees -_- i dont believe such a price exists XD

  2. M.L.B says:

    You gotta be kidding me. 6 rupees an avocado. As girly as it sounds I must try this and see 😀

  3. dee says:

    eh eh…isn’t avocado oily? :/

  4. black says:

    “Little did she know of the power of the butterfruit’s goo.”
    LOL – hilarious, and thanks for the heads up. totally worth a shot. 🙂

  5. bulbousity says:

    zomg gotta try this. thanks shiffz

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