He no love me no moar.

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Remember Caesar? The cat who looks like Garfield that I used to constantly blog about, about how furry and adorable he is and how he had an accident and I almost died of panic and sat up all night nursing him back to health? Yeah, I hate that little bitch now.

At first I was in denial. When I first got him, he was this beautiful friendly little furball, who just spent all day playing with ribbon and sitting next to me and being awesome in general. Then almost a year went by I think and he got way bigger and the gradual estrangement began.

He’d hide in the bushes like an emo and when I called his name, he wouldn’t respond as usual. He’d let me carry him for a minute tops before he’d struggle out of my hold. He wouldn’t play with strings and shit anymore. I know they tell you only kittens play with string but awesome cats do too. But it was happening, Caesar was losing his awesomeness.

I don’t know whether it was evil eye (EVERYBODY who saw him went into excited convulsions of admiration and squealing and such, because of his orange fluffiness) or whether it was because I didn’t spend enough time with him at home, what with college and later work and all, but he just started pulling away and getting attached to the maid instead. I’d watch him jump around and be silly around her and respond readily to everything she said and I was like, F U CAESAR. F. U. But then it made sense since those two kept each other company while everyone else left home.

But still. I carried him to my room today and he just promptly made a noise and walked off and just jumped out the window when I followed him. Now that’s just plain rude. I thought it was just me but my brother whines about the same thing. Just not feeling the love from that cat anymore. He’s so cold. Cold and hurtful. I was trying to avoid the fact all this time because I mean, look at him, he’s so fluffy, and even when he’s being an ass I still love picking him up and cuddling the fattie against his will.

At one point though, the sibling and I told the parents, man we want a real pet. Not this snooty mofo. But dad has this undying love towards Caesar. Noo! he whined. No take Caesar. I lau Caesar. Dad actually talks to the cat, has real conversations and all. But I know Caesar only hangs out with him cuz he’s the one who puts catfood in his bowl. When he’s not hungry he’s somewhere in the kitchen with the maid or running around outside.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, different cats have different personalities, and maybe Caesar is just the type to latch onto people who are always around and distance himself from people who aren’t around as much. But still, how can you be so cold? 😦

F U, Caesar. Choke on a rat.

  1. Chavie says:

    LOL, I sort of feel for fattie. Imagine what it must be like for him, stuck at home all day alone with just the maid around, while everyone else is going around having fun… This is what sets cats apart from dogs, you can meet a dog once in 3 months and he’ll still wag his tail and make a huge fuss. 🙂

  2. Whacko says:

    He’s probably just afraid of getting hurt again

  3. Hades says:

    Give him back! NOW! :@

    You just don’t know how to look after him. 😦 And you clearly don’t know anything about cats.

  4. Jack Point says:

    There is a saying: ‘you never own a cat, the cat owns you’.

  5. hijinx says:

    Get a friendly cat then? Maybe he’ll rub off on Caesar?

  6. Gazala says:

    He found himself other distractions I see. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming. You know how men, I mean, cats are.

  7. Lol, sounds like a typical Tom to me. The only way to make a male cat friendly is to neuter it. If not, they just sort of allow you to share their space. You sound like a dog person.

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