I got dissed by the principal of Royal College

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hells yeah it’s fun story time.

So I’m kinda running this non-profit organization where me and a bunch of volunteers wanna do one-hour interactive presentations in Colombo schools about harassment against women in public transport and places. You know, get kids involved in intervening if they see it happening, fighting negative social norms and all that jazz.

So me and two awesome other volunteers (one of them being a talented blogger living near you) were going around in the scorching sun (who else knelt down and gave the heavens a thumbs-up sign in gratitude when it finally rained last night?!) getting permission from schools to do these presentations.

Lo and behold, after bagging permission at five schools, we found ourselves at the entrance of the esteemed Royal College, often declared the best school on the island or something like that.

We’d dropped by once before and given the project’s proposal to the principal’s secretary, so he knew what the project was about when we walked into his office before being made to wait for 25 minutes.

He flipped through the proposal and said, You need to ask permission from the Ministry of Education to do this in our school…
Oh, okay, I said, dejected but thinking of our next alternative step already. I was going to thank him and leave with my colleagues… before he suddenly flipped a page and scowled and spat out-

But I mean, looking at the way y’all are dressed I don’t know if we can even let you into our school!
And he just threw the project proposal sheet across the table. Yes, threw.

I was wearing traditional islamic clothing, a shawl neatly pinned over my head. The other girl was dressed in a smart black pant suit, with her hair let loose but combed down. And the other guy was wearing a dark tshirt and jeans.

Okay, okay, before everyone who has ever had to deal with state owned schools gets on my case now – I know, we were told after by lots of people, that they expect people who walk into those schools to wear shirts and pants (not jeans and tshirts) and women to usually wear sarees. I get it, we were ignorant in that aspect and hadn’t done our homework.

But man, you should have seen the way he said it, and sat back with a smug look on his face. He might as well have said, GTFO, ya big sluts. My female colleague, a sensitive one, looked like she was going to cry. The sensitive little girl in me whose existence I constantly deny and suppress wanted to cry too. I mean, it’s not like we came in with beach shorts and spaghetti straps? And we were members of an organization and we spoke in english and really politely too. Overreaction much?

I was kind of stunned, getting that from a principal, didn’t see that coming. I said in surprise, That was rude. He shrugged. That was all he had to say apparently and he clearly wanted us to get the hell out. I said a quick insincere, Thank you, and we got up to leave. Before I left, I just turned around and very curtly told him, That was very unprofessional.

His comeback: Maybe.

I think he wanted to get the last word in but the comeback kind of failed.

Anyway, overall, that was highly entertaining. I was pissed off as hell at the time and was already thinking of who I could hire to take a shit outside his office. Chavie, a Thomian, was secretly overjoyed that his rival school now looked like a dick after its principal’s totally uncalled-for behaviour. The other friend, well she had been treated to a dose of bonafide douchebaggery and she was glad that at least now, any form of rejection she gets in future volunteer projects will pale in comparison to this one.

Oh well. Now take this poll!

  1. Saliya says:

    All I can say is, good for you that you told him off. Does he realize that wearing a saree will reveal much more flesh than you were, dressed as you were? And your friend in the pant suit too? Great post. I am wondering if you can transform this into something that can be published as a feature article in a newspaper. You will have to change the name of the school, but the Douchebag will recognize himself. If he can read, that is.

  2. Tulie says:

    The guy’s a typical jerk who’s clawed his way up to power and has major chips on his shoulders to deal with!

    Don’t worry about it! It’s his school’s loss!

    • He’s not Royal. He was principal of Isipathana before he came to RC in ’04. I think he’s an Isipathana old boy too. There were huge issues the first couple of years with the students and the OBU because he was an uncultured ass. -____- Government appointments FTL

  3. Sigh. You wouldn’t need saree Maks, shalwar or something would’ve done. And I dont think it was the girls. You took someone on a formal request in tshirt & jeans? What were you thinking? Cmon Maks, you have more sense than that.

    ‘Upali Aiya’ is an ass. Thats not news. The guy honestly had no idea how to conduct himself when he first came in and I doubt he’s learned manners in the time since. I’m personally glad I left school just before he started but I’m also sad at what he must’ve done to the place.

    • makuluwo says:

      I already mentioned that it was our bad for not knowing about state schools’ strictness about attire, the other schools had no prob with it. But still, like you said, he is a complete ass, irrelevant of what we were wearing.

      • Jack Point says:

        The state schools have no bloody business trying to dictate a bloody puritanical dress code to anybody.

      • Jack Point says:

        What you wore was perfectly acceptable and his behaviour unacceptable.

        You can post what you are trying to do and the response on this if you like:


        The level of intolerance in this society is quite shocking and it seems to get worse every year.

        • makuluwo says:

          Lol actually most people tell me it was probably his reaction to the boy in tshirt and jeans, not the women. But yeah what a douche either way.

          • Jack Point says:

            In this sexist society I rather doubt that, nobody gives a damn as to what a man wears. Are there are dress codes for men visiting schools? Also, two of your were dressed for the occasion, it would seem odd to address a general remark if Chavie was the only offender.

  4. Gehan says:

    I think it’s just hilarious that our state schools act as if they are the cats meow, not letting people enter unless ‘properly attired’, especially when the institutes themselves aren’t cultured enough to know how to behave in public. Sure, t-shirts and jeans may have been a bit casual but nothing for him to flip out about. It’s this kind of holier-than-thou attitude that makes government schools so resistant to change and unable to see the areas where they are failing so miserably. The same goes for our universities. Military training – ha!

  5. R says:

    You girls are getting it all wrong. I am a royalist and believe me its the guy with “dark tshirt and jeans.”. Not the girls. Based on your description you girls were just fine.

    In RC there is a strict dress code for guys/specially young ppl. Shirt (Long Sleeves), and trousers. If you are a old royalist your shirt has to be light blue. Looks like the rules are a little bit relaxed now. When I was a student there ppl with “dark tshirt and jeans.” would most probably be stopped at the gate during school hours.

  6. Acromantula says:

    Just because u speak English isnt a good enough reason be taken seriously in SL anymore. But I’m surprised that RC has this kind of attitude.

  7. dee says:

    Rather rude :I

  8. Angel says:

    Well, maybe you guys broke /bent some unwritten dresscode, but seriously, I think this guy totally broke a whole lot of etiquetty ones, unwritten and otherwise!

    I’m totally cheering your one line put-downers!

    • Jack Point says:

      Damned good. You should have given him a bit more.

      You don’t need to start doing the presentation for the boys, you need to do it for the staff, starting with the principal.

      What an idiot.

      The so-called good schools were good about half a century ago. Now its a case of some being a bit better than others and all being rather bad.

  9. 411 says:

    lol yeah, if he knew of your pretentious indie ways he’d have slapped the crap out of you into some sanity. understandable tho, kids nowadays are fucking opinionated assholes

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