Posted: May 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

So I went over to my friend’s place today, I’ve known her since ninth grade, and now she’s married and has a three month old baby.

It feels like just the other day when we used to drink Milo and play Kings (the trampling game) outside our school tuckshop, and here I was, looking at this pudgy little alien being with curious eyes who’d been living in my friend a few months ago and it was made of her genes too! Like woah.

I find babies really interesting to be around, because they’re so squishy and twitchy and have eyes that dart all over the place. And they really pay attention when you talk you know. So my friend and I were trying to watch Easy A, awesome movie by the way, Emma Stone is the best, but the baby got all fussy halfway. So my friend’s rocking the baby and it was all like,

That is not a third nostril, it’s a baby-booger.

So we take a break and I start talking to my friend about a psychology class case. “There’s this six year old with schizophrenia and a genius IQ and she thinks a cat is telling her to attack people…”

The baby was watching me and was suddenly highly amused by my riveting tale. And it was like,


And I pointed at its silly face and said ‘silly baby!’ and poked its tummy, and it was like,

Needless to say it was enraptured by my presence in general. We continued watching the rest of the movie, while the baby sat quietly in my lap, watching Easy A. I blame Emma Stone if the baby starts swearing next month.

So silly, these fellows. Stuck on their backs like a wrong-side-up turtle, wiggling around, making funny faces. Demanding attention and food and stuff like total badass mofos. Using their cuteness to turn ordinary adults into idiots who make retarded high pitched coochy coo noises. Pooping into diapers and all that. Yeah. They make cool homies. Except for the diaper bit.

  1. Tulie says:


    Why Maks, I do believe you are getting broody!

    Just kidding – loved the post – as usual! Loved the sketches too 🙂

  2. HiHiBoy says:

    Awesome story. I like your style and tone. But tell your friend not to show his baby TV anymore coz it not good for the baby. 🙂

  3. ABCDme says:

    I like your babies. 🙂

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