Am I being a snob? and other general musings.

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m not being a very social butterfly here, man. I guess it’s because it’s new territory and I take time to get close to new people. But I don’t think it’s helping my image!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a loner at college, far from it. In fact it’s quite impossible as an option what with my Foreigner Status. One moment I’m telling someone I can’t understand them speaking Hindi, and the next there’s a flock of teenagers enthusiastically asking me about Sri Lanka and the clothes I wear and the languages I know and all that; they truly are utterly clueless and fascinated. Like the reaction if you met an Italian kid in a Sri Lankan government school. I especially cherish the total strangers who pass me in the corridor and exclaim “are you the sri lankan?” or say “hi!” and wave furiously or just sit and grin next to me while I’m in the computer lab. Of course I told half of them that in Colombo it’s common that you see monkeys wearing orange loincloths and elephants in our garages. Come on, how could I resist?

Anyway I digress. I like being by myself a lot, I guess because I still haven’t gotten super close to anyone. I’ve got friendly enough roomies and the friends in college are so good to me, even the teachers. But I don’t know, sometimes I really zone the hell out. Literally.. I would find myself listening to the first few sentences of someone talking about her brother coming home to visit her and then I’d zone out completely – a total blackout – examining the stain on the wall behind the girl’s head and thinking about how something in the room smells like pee – and I’d come back at the end of her long harangue, and nod. And then maybe put my hands in my pockets and shift around uncomfortably a bit before leaving to read a book outside by the lawn with my headphones on.

And then there’s the times when the landlady comes up to talk to us in the apartment. The other roomies flock in the living room and sit obediently next to her and chatter away. Sometimes I join them and they talk and chuckle about the price of detergent or the landlady’s daughter or John Abraham’s abs, and I catch little bits and pieces of it in Hindi and find I’m so glad at the time that I have “I don’t understand Hindi” as an excuse not to join in. Most of the time now I use that as an excuse to kind of slip away and get on my laptop, or feign a phone call from my mother.

So just in general, people who talk a lot are beginning to bore me. I like quiet people. And I truly prefer wandering around by myself with my headphones plugged in, like on the rooftop watching the eagles, or to the market to buy ice cream – as opposed to hanging out and listening to pop music and reading SMS chain letters with the roomies in our pajamas or something. Such a snob no? But I had a riveting conversation today with two classmates about music by Switchfoot at the end of which, to everyone’s horror, we broke out into song – so I don’t think I’ve completely crossed over to the dark side yet.

In other news, I miss my cats so much. I saw my friend’s pretty cat the other day on skype and then my mum let me skype with Caesar and Ginger back home and I was like OHAI KITTIES and they were like ‘sup?’ It was beautiful. Too bad I can’t have one in an apartment three storeys high – it would be impossible to keep it from getting lost and I don’t have the heart to keep it out in the cold at night, and keeping it inside will be a nightmare if and when it poops.

Then this picture I found really killed me:



  1. Jack Point says:

    Come now Maks, you must be nice to the Indians. Absolutely must. Must, must, must.

    You see, the reputation of your country rides on your shoulders. If you get a reputation for being unfriendly we will have absolutely no chance of landing one of those gorgeous Indian birds, so for our sake, be nice


    In any case they do sound really friendly, so you should make a few good friends soon.

    • Angel says:

      Well, you don’t *have* to totally integrate into the giggly gossipy social circles… sounds like you’re doing ok and will continue to have fun…

      Keep us updated!

  2. Chavie says:

    *silently judges you*

    Bwahahaha. 🙂

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