Meet Mister Bobblybop

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

So there I was minding my own business at a neat little understated coffee shop in Connaught Place, a busy hub in Delhi – when all of a sudden, who should come sit quite self righteously before me! A monkey with a tiny biscuit in its hand! I promptly decided to name him Mister Bobblybop.

Me: Awwww hewwo you wittle monkay, did you get that biscuit for meeee?

Mister Bobblybop: Fuck no.

Me: ..

Mister Bobblybop: Listen lady, I’m just eatin’ my bizkitz and watching you peoples for moar bizkitz being disposed of, whatchu lookin’ at?

Me: You are a such cute furry little monkey, Mister Bobblybop.

Mister Bobblybop: I try.

Me: Is it true the monkeys here are dangerous and scratch people’s eyes out and stuff?

Mister Bobblybop: Yes. *suddenly jumps wildly onto a chair and then back on the balcony banister*


Mister Bobblybop: LOLJK you shoulda seen your face. Now shut up and give me a bizkit.

Mister Bobblybop surveying the crowd for bizkitz

So we sat there and talked for a while about politics and current affairs and how much it sucks when you dip the bizkit in the tea and it gets so soggy that it falls inside and is lost forever. Good times.

Me: Well, this was fun.

Mister Bobblybop: Bring me bizkits next time.

Me: Aw next time, Mister Bobblybop?

Mister Bobblybop: But if anyone asks, this never happened. Or I’ll.. I’ll scratch your eyeballs out and wear them on my head. And stop calling me that, I am Ninja Monkey!

Me: But wouldn’t they roll off if you wore them on your head? You’re so silly, Mister Bobblybop! :’)

And off he went, swinging away on a tree branch in all his cuddly glory. Beautiful.

gutterflower was there the whole time and so can vouch for most of this story, you know. By most I mean the part about the monkey sitting in front of me, and she might deny the rest happened because Mister Bobblybop threatened to wear our eyeballs on his head.

Nevertheless! Delhi has lots of monkeys, crawling the walls, sitting on balconies, watching crowds with beady eyes, and being snuggly in general. It seems, my dream of having a pet monkey just might be possible here in India.

  1. Jack Point says:

    Maks, monkeys can be dangerous so better not get too close.

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