So tell will you, what’s the gossip?

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m back on the island for a really short while. So earlier today some friends and I hung out at Galle Face (honestly, the limitedness of places to hang out in this city is depressing!) — and we were bored, so I asked Flailer – the official Gossip Aunty of the Universe – what’s the gossip these days? Who’s going out with who? What’s the drama?

Not that I usually am anything more than oblivious (and blissfully so) about general happenings in other people’s lives. But we were bored and had talked about everything else you see. Including this plan that we should all do something awesome before I fly back to India – such as wear cool home-made costumes and walk about in public, which by the way, nobody concurred with, despite the sheer brilliance of the idea. Someone suggested we have a picnic in the park instead. Costumes > Picnic, people. Jeez.

Anyway. Back to the gossip.

So we started talking about all these people we knew… and this one has anger management issues itseems, and that one’s ex is actually a nutcase itseems, and this one had a maara fight with that one in front of everyone lu, and that one has a crush on this one but this one has a boyfriend! Oh my god really? You and that one went out?! Ah how funny, go on! Aiyyo that one gets on my nerves I can’t stand it anymore, aney this one is such an attention whore. And do you know why he broke up with her? I don’t know, tell tell! And so on and so forth.

And mind you, this is not a girl thing – two out of four people present were BOYS – who, might I add, seemed as though they were quite practiced in the art. I felt really dirty afterwards, because I don’t usually ever gossip and it just felt so… crass. More so because I found that embarrassingly enough, I enjoyed it! Hearing about this one and that one and sharing secrets – I guess like some people enjoy watching soaps, is a fun distraction from your own life. It might be an epic waste of time (but then who cares if you have time to waste?), but I guess it’s OK as long as you stop before you start properly bitching about the subject of gossip.

It got me wondering though, god if these people call this one a mental case and that one an attention whore, I wonder what they say about me when I’m not around? I don’t care to the point of needing to know and I bet ignorance is bliss, but I can’t help but feel some amused curiosity. So take this poll, you gossip aunties.


Also there’s this other thing I’ve been wondering about – from my blog stats, on average about 200 people will visit the blog on the day I post something (unless it’s just my only biggest fan visiting it from different IPs like a hundred times) but yall barely post comments anymore, and this is only a recent development. Was browsing through some old posts and realized I miss the fun little discussion on the comment threads. So take this poll also.

And this one too, cuz polls are fun.

  1. Chavie says:

    Boys don’t gossip.

    Umm. Yeah. 😉

  2. Max says:

    Lol – ah, the Mak’s is back!

  3. Gehan says:

    Polls are awesome!

    Gossipping is a ‘sri lankan’ thing, guys and girls love to do it. A few guys have picked up that ‘guys aren’t supposed to gossip’ so they try not to, but other than that they love to spread the stories.

    Of course you need friends to gossip to, and since I have none, I gossip not at all.

    *forever alone*

    • T says:

      Actually gossip is not a Sri Lankan thing; it happens everywhere, and is a pretty important social construct for maintaining networks and relationships. The levels to which people take it, of course, differ among people.

      The comments thing I’ve noticed too. Most people don’t seem to comment thought readership numbers are higher than ever. Intriguing. For myself, I guess it’s because I just can’t be bothered unless something really gets my goat and/or I have something particularly relevant to say.

      (this comment falls somewhere in between)

  4. Sabby says:

    As T said, gossiping isn’t limited to Lanka-land and it’s so a guy thing too. I have a male friend here (as white as they come, mind) who starts a converstion with: ‘so what’s the gossip?’ 😛

  5. vut ? says:

    ur blog posts actually do suck now. sortof like a cat basically. it was a kitten all cute. then it turned into a opinionated hissing old bat. and now its dead 🙂

  6. What people do not realise is that men are as in tune to gossiping as women. of course we masculine-ise it via the addition of alcoholic beverages and being overly sexist! Love this rant, it embodies all that is true in humankind and should be put for the noble prize!

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