Is anybody out there?

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ever wonder if we’re being watched?
By some superior intelligence?
What if God is just an alien?
And destiny or karma or fate or coincidence or those times you think someone with a twisted sense of humour is controlling your life – are electromagnetic forces emitted by an instrument in the hand of an alien creature whose microscope slide our universe is sitting on?
And then you die and enter an alternate dimension?


Speaking of if anyone is out there, I’ve been considering shutting down my blog for a while now, because well let’s face it, I’ve been extremely lackadaisical about blogging this past year, I barely read other blogs in the Kottusphere, and sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself because my posts don’t get commented on. But what’s kept it going is the heated insistence of a handful of close friends and mostly my WordPress statistics — which keep telling me at least 120 people still read this blog every day. The top three countries from which my readers hail from are the United States, Sri Lanka and Argentina.

Who ARE you people? o_O

How come you never leave a comment?

It’s so mysterious I tell you. Say hi or something here so I know you’re actually there.

Sigh. Janith, is that just you visiting my blog from 120 different computers? 😛

  1. Chavie says:

    Dammit, I guess you found out about my network of shady free servers that visit your blog everyday. 😛

    Keep blogging man! 😦 Yours is one of the first I ever read and one of the (if not the) best blog on Kottu. Sad to see our little scene dying away.

    And as for the aliens, I think you’ve been reading too many SMBC comics 😉

  2. Marianne says:

    hi darling 😀

  3. Dili says:

    to answer your question(s), your Mom 😉

  4. John says:

    Ummm, I read as well. I just comment on FB

  5. Dr.Evil says:

    When i was was 12, i had the same idea of god being an alien(Not to mention after that i was forced to jump on the Kafir bandwagon by my so called Muslim community). Anyway, Thanks for this bloody glimpse reminiscence.

    As for the comments, I think it’s either old fashioned or people getting lazier and lazier to type.

  6. TheGrandConjuration says:

    Stop being such an emo cow and write please.

  7. thenightsyde says:

    Salutations. I am an avid reader. 😀 Please keep writing, and I will do my utmost to comment unfailingly.

  8. I’m offended that Japan didn’t get a mention. You’re going to have 119 readers from tomorrow.

  9. Azrael says:


    and yes, God is an alien, from a galaxy far far away.

    😀 😀

  10. Jack Point says:

    Of course I read.

    Not many people comment these days.

  11. crazy&proud says:

    i always read your blog and yes i belong to the ‘too lazy to type a comment’ category! 😉
    but hey, don’t stop writing… you know why? because that’s a crime! yeah thats why!

  12. Jack Point says:

    Hey a 120 visits a DAY?? You make me quite envious, I get that in a week……

  13. Jayjay says:

    keep writing please, wont u? Yours was n will alwys b the funniest blog evr in lankanosphere.. 🙂
    din comment earlier.. Bt thanks for all the laughs n adventure.. 🙂

  14. Asad says:

    Dont stop blogging. 🙂

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