Talking to a Sri Lankan

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ahhh here!


Just wait OK.

Wait for what?

For lies don’t talk.

I’m not lying.

Ah truly?

What do you mean?

Nothing, just wait.

What am I waiting for? I’m confused now!

Very good for you.

Confusion is good for me?

Idiot you are a!

Your sentence structure is all off.

You only!

I’m only what?

Head pot.




Hoo hoo!

I’m going. Are you paying the bill?

Yes, no?

Which is it, yes or no?

I said yes, no?!

Which one!

I’ll pay, you just go to see.

Go to see what?

I can’t with you!

Can’t do what with me?!

Go men, or I’ll give you a nice shot!

I could use a shot of whiskey actually.

I’ll give you a whiskey now!

You will?


Then why did you-


I don’t get it.

You WILL get it if you don’t go now.

Are you saying I should stay?

No! Bye meya!

Who’s meya?

Aapoh, your grandfather!

But his name is Clifford.

I’m tired. See you.

You mean see me later?

No, not really.

  1. Chavie says:


  2. Dili says:

    *dies of laughter* , *resurrected, *sees post again*, *dies of laughter… again*

  3. chanux says:

    It’s funny on a blog post because it’s annoying when it happens in real life.

    Thanks for putting it all together.

    (I confess I use just ‘just’ to mean ‘doing something for no specific purpose’ or ‘just for kicks’. MUST STOP! )

  4. BWAHAH…Awesome!!! Sira machang!!! 😉

  5. Angel says:

    OMG… this is hillarious!

  6. u4j10 says:

    Bloody brilliant!

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